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The Voice of Our Nation's Law Enforcement Officers

Cherokee Lodge #4 Morristown, TN

225 West 3rd North St.
Morristown, TN 37814
Fax: 423-307-5760


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About the FOP

The Fraternal Order of Police was started by two Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania police officers, Delbert Nagle and Martin Toole. The Fraternal Order of Police has grown from its original 23 officers in Pittsburgh, to more than 318,000 members in all 50 states. The FOP has 43 state lodges and more than 2,000 local lodges. The FOP is by far the largest police organization in the United States. We also have affiliate lodges in Canada, Ireland, and Germany.

One must be a full-time or a retired law enforcement officer to become a member of the Fraternal Order of Police. There must be at least 10 qualified officers to charter a local lodge. Any state having three lodges can form a state lodge. The charter members of the local lodge elect interim officers until formal elections can be held. The local board of directors includes a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, second vice-president, sergeant-at-arms, and chaplain. Each local lodge is represented on the state board of directors by a state trustee.

The state board of directors is composed of the same officers as the local lodge, from the state president to the state chaplain. A national trustee is elected every two years to represents the state lodge. The national trustee sit on the national board of directors. The national board of directors is structured the same as the local and state lodges, president, vice-president, etc.

A local lodge sets it own dues structure based on whatever benefits the lodge wants to provide it members

The key to the FOP' s success its flexibility and its structure as a democratically governed organization. Every member has an equal voice and the opportunity to determine the future of the Fraternal Order of Police


Upcoming Events

Fundraiser for Tom Miles
March 24 1st Methodist Church

7th Annual Car, Truck, Tractor & Motorcycle Show - May 20, 2017
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Annual picnic - 4th Sat in August @MLK Park

NOV - Food baskets for the needy


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